Brand Focus - Soap and Glory

Its not secret that I love soap and glory, I think I have pushed all my friends into buying something of theirs at some point. Of course they are known for their wonderful bath and body product, which are a staple in my bathroom and hand bag, my favourite being the breakfast club (the smell!!!). But I Think that their make up might be my favourite 'drugstore' make up brand at the moment.

1. One Heck of a Blot 
2.  Solar Power
3. Super Colour Fabulipstick - Stain finish 
4. Super Colour Fabulipstick - Matte finish
5. Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 

I love their powder, I personally love the look of powders, I know not everyone does. I think they are really soft and if applied nicely don't make you look cakey, at all. I mainly use this translucent powder under my eyes to stop my concealer moving from those bags, it has such good staying power and if applied in the morning I won't budge for a good few hours. My favourite thing about this is if you re-apply in the day, it doesn't look like you've piled stuff onto your skin, so natural! Recently I have really go into bronzer, I never payed much attention to it before, but it can really change you face. I love this bronzer, because it is has 2 shades, so you can create different looks, either take one or swirl them together. This doesn't have an orange tone, it leave you looking really glow-y, like you've just stepped of the airplane after a summer holiday. I am very pale, so I was worried that this would be way to dark on me but it is perfect, if you want it darker you can build it up. 

If you have seen my pervious post 'The lipstick tag' you would have seen I have a lot of lipsticks, hoarder alert! But these two are constantly in my bag, I love having a bright colour with me, 'PomPom' is perfect it is a very hot pink,I don't suit bright bright reds I don't think, but this is nice as it give colour but is subtle at the same time so the whole world is not staring at your lips, I found it in a beauty crush video, and thank god I did! 'The missing pink' by name the missing pink by nature, I had been looking for a pink for ages and ages and I finally found this one, its perfect for so many skin tone, a lot of my friends have it now and it suits them all. This is by far my favourite product, I love the smell, application, packaging and colour. WIN WIN WIN! Okay last product is this 'gloss stick' it is very pretty but I'm not one for a little bit of tint I prefer fuller on colour so it wasn't the best for me, but I do think it will be really nice for summer when you don't want to be wearing heavy, heavy lipstick, so I'm glad I have it for the summery months! 

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post! If you want me to do a product review of any of the products in more deatail let me know! I hope your all having a lovely week! 

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