So Long, See You Tomorrow

You know when you haven't listened to a band for ages, and when you finally do again its like listening to an old friend and you feel like you should catch up with them 24/7? Okay, dramatics aside. I have loved Bombay Bicycle Club from the tender age of 13/14. In fact they were the first 'real' concert that I went to with my high school chums (not counting Kelly Clarkson or Joe Bros as real concerts, sue me).

Bombay Bicycle Club are a band that you know are in the industry for the music hard to find these day, they trial new sounds, EG not having one album remotely similar to the next. Just when you think they are settled as a band, 18 months of waiting for a new album have paid off. 'So Long, See You Tomorrow' evolved from the being on every Urban Outfitters/Topshop playlist, into having an electric-pop record showing that these boys cant effectively be any genre of their choosing.  Talk about self reinvention.

It is clear that front man Jack Steadman has clearly taken influences from his traveling and logically placed Bollywood sounds  into the album, particularly seen in the songs 'Feel' and 'Overdone', talk about a curve ball, it shouldn't work but of course it does magically sync into the whole album. However having changes in the overall sound of the band they still manage to keep the neat percussion in the song 'Luna', which is a lovely song lyrically. The song also shows Steadman and BBC album regular Lucy Rose perfect harmonies in there full glory (match made in heaven?!), she also features in the eerie 'Eyes Off You' which channels older albums and goes back to them and the stripped back piano. 

My favourite song on the album, being 'Carry Me', it combines order with disorder, there is a restlessness and a feeling of uncertainly about the whole song. It really should be a horrible song, but its not in the slightest. All be it little has been put into the lyrics but the structure and constant rising and falling of tones makes it euphoric and so catchy that walking down the street will now have this as a backing track in your head. 

The whole album uses the whole bands talent to the fullest, and it must be noted that without Steadmans' fragile voice, the album wouldn't be as intresting. The whole band are so well put together and gel into the unique sound album after album, maybe Bombay Bicycle Club should just be a genre in there own right. 

You can find the album now on Itunes, listen to them on Youtube and see them chit chat on Twitter


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