Brandy Melville - Wishlist

I wish I was a Cali Girl, like so much. It actually pains me how much cooler that breed of girl seem, that boho I made no effort but I still look like I made effort, which I would make a huge muck up of. I mean the gene pool that runs in 90210 must be one of the highest quality, due to the fact all the girls (and boys for that matter) are BEAU-tiful - in fact thats an under statement. I follow way too many American fashion bloggers for my own good! Constantly bombarded with Forever 21 this and Brandy Melville that, thats all well and good if I could get my paws on the stuff! Yes the UK has both but the stock is really not as good as the American version of the store. To make myself feel worse, I have made a little wish list from Brandy Melville, that is I was from California with naturally beachy hair and an all year round tan I would snap up. 

Hope you enjoyed my little wish list obviously you can get all this stuff from Brandy Melville US, which sucks for me! I also send my apologises if I have made you lust after the unattainable for all my fellow UK girls!! 

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