L'oreal - Nude Magique Eau De Teint Review

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I have problems a few issues with foundation, it more of a love hate thing to me. Constantly feeling bad for putting my skin through carrying heaviness around all day (and 'forgetting' to take it off at night, naughty) but feeling way more confident and better about myself when I do wear it. I have tried BB creams and they are still heavy, tried just wearing concealer but that doesn't make me feel quite done, then came this gem. 

Until I found this I was a bit sceptical of high street foundation, foundation has always been one thing I have spent money on, however I am so please with this. The formula is amazing, the way it applies to your skin is flawless, much like the Channel Vitalumiere. Instantly when applied your face doesn't feel sticky or heavy, it feel soft and breathable, a feeling that goes on all day . The colour is very good too, I normally go for the lightest and when I did get this home for a play, I was worried at how dark it was going to be, but none the less it was perfect, blended perfectly, giving you a perfect glowing base, without feeling like you have any make-up on at all. Perfect for those, I'm not wearing any makeup but I really am days. PERFECT. 

I would seriously recommend this foundation if you want something light and breathable so perfect for holidays and summer, if the UK  ever gets some sun, I will be reaching for this I am sure. 

If you have tried this or anything similar let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear you opinions too!

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