Monday Look Back

I have decided to do this weekly 'Monday Look Back' seeing what I've done in the week. I think it's nice to sit down and think about the week before.

This week I have been a bit down in the dumps I've been very homesick, I'm only at uni and 3 hours away which might seem like nothing but I've not been finding it easy for many reasons. So on Saturday my mum, grandpop, aunt and cousin came up to see me. It was lovely to walk around the city and eat some yummy food! It has made me feel so much happier and excited for the rest of the week!

My weeks are currently getting a little bit busy with uni work. I am drowning in business essays and getting headaches due to economics. Just got to keep plodding along! The rest of uni is good I love where I love and I love the vibe of the city so it's good for me!

Next sunday, my boyfriend is coming to see me for a week or so! I am so excited, I've not seen him since the 1st of February so I am looking forward. I am counting down the minutes. I hope that this week will zoom by! He's also a photographer so there will be a lot more 'good' photos on the blog, and maybe a few boyfriend tags!

I don't know if the post is a bore fest or if it would be a nice start to the week! Let me know if you like it !!

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