My Hair Care Routine

Since christmas I have been using the same things on my hair and I have found them working wonders. I do have dry hair and it has a lot of breakages, probably due to me heating it like a lunatic in my early high school years (we all know the phase). I have constantly dreamed of long flowing hair like all my friends, but it has never happened, but recently I have noticed by using these product every other day my hair has been getting longer and looking so much stronger. 

I'll start from the top with shampoo. I have always heard good things about these Lush shampoo bars, I love products that are interesting and a bit unique, I personally have never seen a shampoo like this. They are so easy to use, you can either use it in or out the tin and you just rub it on you hair, feels so wrong at first but it lathers so quickly and easily. Lush reckon that you can get 95 washes out of it and I have just used my first one up that I got at the end of December so I would say that is pretty stop on so worth the £5.50 price tag. I currently am between two of the flavours. The one pictured is called 'Ultimate Shine', I love this one it smells so so yummy, it has ylang ylang in and that is one of my favourite essential oils, it stinks out your whole bath room but in a really good way. This one targets extreme dryness, something that has helped out my locks so so much! They look healthier and my hair feels much better than before. Although not pictured my favourite shampoo bar at lush is called 'New' this is packed full of bits and bobs that kicks start the blood flow in your head, this is not only good for your scalp but amazing for hair growth. When I used this, my hair got the longest its every been. In love.

I've never really found a conditioner that when I put on my hair I can see a difference or feel a difference. However I might have I really love the 'American Cream' conditioner, again from Lush. It smells like strawberry smoothie which is amazing, so good you might want to have a taste, it is super thick and nourishing and does make your hair feel lovely the day after. I am obsessed with purple shampoo, and this Pro:voke one is amazing! as I'm at  uni I can't go home and get my hair highlighted as often as I would like however this has saved the roots. I have currently not dyed my hair since summer (THAT LONG) and honestly no one really notices my roots, this takes out the baseness and puts some spark back into that blonde!

Shocker a blogger with a Tangle Teezer, I know everyone  raves about this but honestly it is such a good brush, when I brush my hair with a normal brush I swear to god I malt like nobodies business! But with his it is so soft on my hair and really stops breakages.  I am obsessed with coconut oil I don't know what I did without it (dramatic!!) Coconut oil is so good for your hair as not only does it smell lovely it also penetrates your hair instead of lingering on the top basically being a perfume. It conditions your hair and also strengthens it. I have noticed such a difference to the end of my hair, I wouldn't put it ever where are it may leave it greasy!

So that was a lot of talk about my hair! I really am loving all these products, I would love to see what you use and if you have a conditioner that would make my jaw drop - I'd love love that!

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