Whats Your Skin Telling You?

I love finding out why my skin has change for a particular reason, i think its such a good way to find out what your body is telling you, then you can treat it and have lovely skin as well! I have found this information from just reading up on the internet as it really interests. SO if you you want to find out more I would recommend having a good google. 

1. Forehead 

Its is believed that this reveals how well your body is getting red of toxins. The top is related to bladder, middle is the  digestive and lower part is the liver. The bottom part will normally flare up in party seasons, so if your drinking a lot, such as freshers, or christmas season. The top of the forehead is often linked to stress, so if you have exams or something going on with your life, you will often sweat from here and your pores will clog up. Also spots in the eyebrows can also show stress as they are linked to a gland above your kidney that show stress more, or it may just be a bit of a spot from plucking your brows. 

2. Nose 

Your nose is linked to your diet. This shows that you aren't getting the right amount of  nutrients your body requires. To help this is it useful to drink loads of water to help your body. It is also said to mean that someone loves you, but thats quite a bad way to show it! 

3. Cheeks

This is linked to your lungs, if you get regular colds, flu or have asthma you are more likely to get spots here. It may not be even a break out, it could simply be a change in texture or colour. It has also been link to a poor diet so if you are getting plenty of fruit and veg in your diet, you can normally get rid of them. 

4. Chin
 The chin is very interesting, well I think. It is linked to our hormones you generally get spots of your chin when it is your time of the month. But the clever part is that if you get more on the left side of your chin your are ovulating from the left, and the same goes for the right side. How clever is your body, nerd moment. 

You can also get spots all over your body which are for other reasons... 

Back This can be caused by sweating and not showering after sport as obviously this is going to clog up your pores big style. When sweat is produced it is your body getting rid of waste products, so with out washing them off they'll just go back where they came from.
Your skin is harder on the arms and upper legs so you can get something called Keratosis Pilaris, I have this is when small spots which make your arm make you feel like you have goos bumps. It is said this is over production of dead cells, but it is a hereditary thing, so you probably got it off your mum. FAB!  
Hope you found this as interesting as I do! 

Sorry I've not been posting as regularly
, Ive been feeling so under the weather, doctors tomorrow so I should be back more regularly soon! 
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