' You're so f a t '

You're fat' this phrase makes me so angry! I think that at one point everyone, my friends and I included, have those words shoved down your throat. It angers me the way that women's sizes are perceived as the most important attribute they have these days, as if they were defined by weight alone!

Recently I've heard of an awful lot of boys and other girls calling beautiful girls I know fat, those people including me. Those girls are maybe size 10 or even size 6. I understand that the celebrity world is laden with skinny women and in the modelling world that is what is required to show clothes, I mean I have the up most respect for models, I always look at them and think imagine if I looked like that, but we all do that! You can think another body shape is beautiful but for god sake that doesn't mean you have to shed pounds to be beautiful!!! I mean I have figure envy of Kendal Jenner but that’s never going to happen because I like Sunday dinners and Chinese food so much more! Kate Moss has clearly never had a Sunday roast with all the trimming and lashings of gravy, because let me tell you know, that does taste better than Skinny feels. Yes Kendal looked amazing at the Marc Jacobs show, but that’s not to say Khole Kardashian doesn’t look equally amazing on red carpets, yes she has a curvy bigger body type, those curves are to die for, but she holds her head high and doesn't let her weight define her. Having a different body type to your favourite celeb doesn't mean she's right you’re wrong, you're both right you're just different.

Personally will never be tiny because I have big hips (birthing hips as my nan would say) and they do give me curves, I'm not saying when someone called me fat I've not sat and thought I hate this I want this to change, but that is so un healthy for your mind, your should look at your self and think, okay this is what I'm working with can't change it. I could loose weight but I can't loose my big hips and I wouldn't want to, I'm happy that I've got a bum and I'm happy that I've got boobs, I would look weird any other way. That's not to say if you are up and down, no curves that, that is wrong its just different to my shape, how can that make it wrong?

I just wanted to get this post out there as I think the mirrors of today's society are blurred, size doesn't make you beautiful the inside does, cheesy I know. But I personally chose my friends upon how nice they are, not if they can fit into Topshop size 4 jeans. I mean if you want to loose weight be my guest but do it in a healthy way and do it for you, don't do it because someone saw you eating a Big Mac and told you 'You are so fat'!! You are not fat, you are you and why would you want to change and miss out on Ben and Jerry’s just because some deranged person is so obsessed with you that they pick fault at you to make themselves feel like a bigger person. If you want to change yourself to be healthier yes, do it just don't make yourself ill. In the words of Marie Antoinette 'Let them eat cake', no truer words spoken. 


What is your opinion on this? 
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