Backward Hair Washing

Yeah you read that right. I must admit when I heard this first I was a bit, what???? But then I did it and was so so excited, I had to share with you lovelies.

Backwards Hair washing is conditioner then shampoo... I AM BREAKING THE LAWS OF PHYSICS! So you might be wondering why I have gone a bit crazy but the outcome of this is amazing! 

We've all been there where you've washed your hair and you get out the shower and realise you didn't get all that thick conditioner out properly, nightmare. So this is your savour. Washing your hair conditioner first makes sure alll that product is out. Makes your hair softer and so much easier to manage after you've washed it, and best of all it doesn't get dirty as quick, yay! 

If you think I've gone mad, there is a ton of bloggers trying it and it has been featured in the Daily Mail, here

Will you be trying this trend out anytime soon? If you have let me know your thoughts?

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