Make Your Eyes Pop - Colour Wheel Logic

It is so easy to just stick to the same old safe make up but sometimes a few little beauty tricks like this one can make your eyes pop just that little bit more! We all have seen a colour wheel, that nasty little bugger you were made to colour in every year in art class, well now it's make up orientated it's a little bit more exciting (and important)! 

To make your eyes pop, you should try and not wear a colour that matches your iris. You can make your eyes pop with a colour across from your your eye colour or you can also go for complimentary shades. I am going to focus on the three main eye colours; blue, brown and green. 

Brown eyed girls - You should try going for red-ish or terracotta tones to compliment your eye colour, for this I would go for Macs Red Brick. But if you want your eyes to really pop try going for a blue or green shade like the much talked about 'Sumptuous Olive' from mac, it is a really nice Kaki Green colour, that can be blended for a really lovely smokey eye. Another trick is to use an eye shadow with metallic flecks this will bring out the gold in your eyes. 

Blue Bombshells - Brown really is the go to colour for blue eyes, it can really help to bring out the colour a lot, for this I would suggest the Channel Mystic Eyes. This has everything from shimmering gold to bring out green tones in your eyes to copper colours that will blend beautifully to create that perfect brown smokey eye, who doesn't love that! 

Green eyed Girl - If you are lucky enough to have big green eyes, you don't need much more than mascara to make these stand out, but if you want the colour to pop even more, try using  pinky tones. For this the Naked 3 pallet would be perfect, it has so many rosey shaded that can be blended to create such a nice look for your eyes. To compliment your eyes, you could use a gold shade that will make your eyes appear more of a vivid green. 

Now this isn't to say if you are rocking blue eyes with a bright electric blue colour, this isn't a bad thing. If it works for you thats great, after all the colour wheel is just there as a suggestion to intensify the beautiful features you already have. 

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of beauty logic, if you want to see anymore colour wheel posts for blush or lipstick do let me know because I would love to do them! 

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