Origins Super Spot Remover - Review

This little pot has to be my best beauty weapon. If I have to go into the front line of day to day lie, this little thing is coming with me. 

I am always a sceptic when it comes to thing that say they are a spot remover, if that were the chase why doesn't ever one have one? But In the mist of a resent break out, I was searching for anything that would save me.  I had heard loads about it, mainly from lily pebbles raving about it, and that girl has glowing skin so she can't be wrong! For the record she is not! 

It is a gel formula, that is cooling on the skin, but however does get a bit stingy, I've heard most reviews say this but my mum has always lived by the fact that if it is hurting it is working and with this I think she might be right. It dries clear, but leaves some residue behind, I would obviously advise putting this on before bed and letting it work its magic through the night. 

I have tried it on varying levels of blemishes (spots), those niggling under the skin ones, those obvious ones and those that you have clearly had a fiddle with. All these degrees are all combatted by this gel, I find that it tackles under the skin spots the most effectively, working almost over night. It helps with the others but maybe takes 2 or 3 nights, but who's complaining.  I would really recommend this to people who get the odd spot or a few break outs, I wouldn't advise it on heavily spot prone skin or acne, due to the fact it is quite harsh and stingy and that might aggravate the skin more.  
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