My Beauty Secret: Witch Hazel

Which Hazel might not be the most glam beauty product around, don't get me wrong it's no Tom Ford. But I will save you from a few skin disasters. Here is my Ode to Which Hazel and five reasons why a bottle should be in everyones cupboard. 

001. Spot Fighter - It reduces inflammation and takes away oil from the skin, this aids in refucing redness. I use this at night, I pop a dab onto a cotton pad and then hold it onto the blemish for a while, and then wake up to see how reduced the redness and even the spot its self. People have said that this is an acne treatment, but it is so mild that it may not work a huge amount of acne. 

002. Flake be gone - It can help dry skin, if the winter has left you a bit battered from those cold winds, this can help! After a shower or bath pop these onto those naughty dry patches, this will lock in all the moisture from what you just put into your skin. Perfect to get summer ready. 

003. Bag Stealer -If you have been having a few too many late nights with school work or partying, this can help then. Bag under the eyes is something I suffer from badly. Even when I do get a good night sleep they're still here! If you look at most eye treatments they all have witch hazel in them, it helps to tighten up your skin and loose that baggy-ness! Much better than spending an arm and a leg on some 'miracle' eye treatment. 

004. Shave Saver - The main perk of Witch Hazel is its anti-inflammatory properties. It can stop getting those horrible itchy red bumps forming once you've shaved. Life saver in the summer. You can put it on before or after shaving and can save you those horrible bumpy leg rashes and have legs like Beyonce! 

005. Bye Bye Bruises - If you're anything like me, you have your head in the coulds all day and maybe end up walking into desks, chairs... lamposts! And you end up with lovely bruises all over the show. If this stops you from wanting to get your legs out on summers day do not let it. Applying Which Hazel will help heal them quicker if applied morning and night. Get ready to say hello to those spotless legs. 

For ages I have thought that this is my skin secret, I really do rate it a lot. It's so soothing so useful and so cheap at around £2 from any chemist or supermarket, you cannot go wrong. Let me know life you have any skin secrets I should know about!!

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