5 Life Saving Revision Tips

Okay, so I know at the moment there are a lot of  people doing or about to do exams, thus are revising, you probably are procrastinating reading this but don't worry. In my time I have done fair amount of exams, this means I have done a fair (pushing it) amount of revision. I found revision really hard to do, I could not make myself at all. But as I have done some growing up I have come up with 5 handy tips that will help your revision less... boring. 


1// Plan - Sit down and work out how many hours you will be willing to do, and how long you want to spend of each subject, and write it done - that way you are more likely to stick to it. But remember you can be flexible, if you are putting loads of work into one and feel like the others are lacking the fiddle with it done be afraid.

2// If you have exams leave, this can be the best and worst. You have time to revises but you also have time to sleep DILEMA. The easiest way of getting over this hurdle is the night before, just before bed set everything out on your desk... laptop, pens, paper, books. This way if you know it is all ready you are way more likely to do work when you know its all set out for you.

3// We are so lucky with all the resources out there for revision, this means it doesn't have to be copying out pages of work, you can watch a youtube video on it or listen to someone talking about it. If writing it out doesn't work for you, you must be proactive in finding out how you learn.

4// Coloured pens are going to be your best friend. There is a reason children's books are so colourful to catch the attention and so they remember it. If it worked when you were two it should work now. How boring is reading black biro, use coloured pen, pictures, keys and codes, to make your work stand out. In the exam you'll look at the question and be like oh my god that was in orange... question done.

5// Reward, yes at the end of it you should be revising because you reallllly want an A or B or C. But when your looking at those notes that is long forgotten. So reward your self for doing revision. For example say you have set up to do 10 hours of revision after School / College / Uni, and that week you do that, go and get that Topshop dress you wanted. That way you'll want to do more work to get more things perfect.

They are my tips that have got me all the way to uni. It is a daunting task sitting exams, but you just need to take it in your stride and do the best you can. 

Hope all your exams go reallllly well. 


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