Bloggers Help: Best Places In London

Being from the North, just outside of Liverpool it is always nice to go and visit London. To me London is huge and I could no way find all the good spots in such a short visit, that why being a part of blogging is such as great thing. Thanks to these three ladies, I know all the best places to eat are, best places to go out at night and more importantly how close is Space NK!

These are all so helpful, telling you where to go, which one is the quietest, when will it be busy and places that you'd never think of going! It helps that they all live in or close to London so you really get the insider view. How helpful is blogging!! 

If anyone reading this has any tips for what to do in London, leave them below!  I am there for three days and going to see the Arctic Monkeys on Saturday! I am so excited I'm driving everyone mad! 

Hope you all have a good weekend! 

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