Cosmo Blog Awards Awkwardness

So I am bit awkward in doing this as there is no chance that I am going to win or even get short listed but as they say it can't hurt to try! And imagine if I was shortlisted, that would be amazing!

I really love this blog and I hope everyone that reads it does too. I try and put up new and exciting content everyday for people. My blog started as more as a beauty blog but I feel it is now a bit of an onion, with every layer you could think of - beauty, fashion, problems and lifestyle. AT the moment I feel that what I share here is more about lifestyle, not just my own but bits that can help improve other peoples. I hope that this blog achieves that. 

- Click HERE to get to the nominating page (Or click the picture above)
- Then add to the blog url
- The rest is self explanatory - This goes on till June 2nd.

Okay enough rambles, I would adore it if you could nominate me as 'Best Lifestyle Blog'. It would really mean the world to me, to think that people really enjoy my blog!

If you are so kind to nominate Effys Space, please tell me in the comments, because it would be lovely to thank you.

Okay awkwardness over.

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