Hair Trend: Low Ponytail

Sometimes trends with hair go right over my head (no pun intended), I did't get involved in the whole ombre or dying it pastel, mainly because I'm so scared to loose my natural colour. I like a hair trend to I do but I don't have to change the colour to be involved! So bring in the low pony tails. I love. 

(source: Tumblr)

If its good enough for the Olsen twins and the catwalks it's good enough for me. I love how effortless this is, just wack your hair up and bam look like you've walked of the Paris Catwalks. This is so versatile too, wavy or straight, tight or messy. It can be used for having a nap at home or going to festival or even a wedding. If I can find a style that suits me and I can wear for every event under the sun I am sold!

Do you like the low pony tail? Will you be wearing it this summer?

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