In for a Penny

So okay, I may not look like your usual Skate Boarder, but I have a personality of an onion and who knows what layer will come next. I have always found myself around people who skate, and I love the fashion it has brought into the spot light, like slip on shoe, baseball teas... the list is endless.

I have wanted a Penny forEVER, Scott just got one I was so jealous  excited for him! When I was visiting him at uni, they were everywhere out in campus, in town and in allllll shops. It was like it was teasing me - so I had to stop it and buy one. I have wanted the mint one for ages, see my wishlist here. I got the 22" one, which is the smaller one. It is super fast and its so smooth to ride, I really love going on it with Scott on his, very Louis and Andy (MIC) circa 2013 (you have to remember that scene!!!)

Although you are just stood it is a good work out too, watch out thighs!! It is so fun to do in a the sun and I am very excited for summer where I can just skate board EVERYWHERE!! - Me and Scott do have plans to include the baby pugs on board (literally).

For an early birthday present/aniversary present, Scott also got me a board which I was over the moon with it is bigger than my penny, and from 2BareFeet.He knows me so well that he got it in the same colour of my car, which is amazing, what an amazing boyfriend! So now I have two to fly around everywhere on! I am so excited. Also a bit scared because I have already bumped my head whilst on it, so maybe I'll have an ambulance on stand by!


Also how fab is my boyfriend for taking these pictures at night just by using street lighting don't know how he does it, and they look that good. I really think if you haven't check out his photography you should he is a super talented boy! (and I am the proudest girlfriend ever) - you can find him HERE

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