Friday, 30 May 2014

Moving on - Rimmel Wake me up Concealer

Okay, I'll admit it I am cheating on someone or more like something. I have been a Collection concealer girl, since urm forever. I could have wrote endless tales on how it has saved my bad face days, and how it makes me look like I actually have slept after a night out. But you know what, I got the itch. The packaging was annoying me, it rubbed off so easy and made it look cheap. Then it seemed to dry out really quickly and run out like that! 

So whilst I was in Falmouth with Scott, I needed to buy another concealer. I waltz into boot ready to get ye old trusty, but I just didn't. I went to this beauty... I have never used anything from the wake me up range, even though I had heard so many rave reviews! I am kicking my self for not getting this sooner. Bags under the eyes are no more and are brightened to know end! I am really into neutral flawless base at the moment and this seems to cover it all. I don't get horrible skin, I am very lucky, but the odd redness is gone, which is super! The colour is perfect, not too light, like I sometimes found collections, but just the right shade to cover but not huge amounts highlight. 

Although my collection has saw me through many a stressed face and bad skin months, I think it's time for a change and so far I am loving this. It is perfect for right now, and I think I will remaining in my make up bag for a while! 

If there any other concealers I should look at??



  1. I heard great things about this concealer ! Love Rimmel :)

  2. I've done the exact same thing! I always drift between these two, I find the fair shade in the Collection concealer slightly too light in the Summer, and the Rimmel one is much less drying! :) xx

  3. I love the maybelline fit me concealer! It is really creamy and has great coverage! You should definitely check it out!

    I havnt tried this one but from your great review, I will definitely try it!

    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  4. Grace Christine1 June 2014 at 20:13

    I love NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer!!! I also like the Maybelline FIt Me Concealer, but like the Collection one, the writing on the packaging fades and makes it look cheap. Several months ago I had the Smashbox High Definition Concealer and loved that too! I really want to try out the Rimmel one now!! :)

    xx ∆

  5. You sound like a concealer queen! I am coming for you when I am in the market for a new one!!! xx

  6. Really want to have a go with that range! I keep to my comfort zone too much! xx

  7. Yeah! Its so creamy! I seriously needed a change! xx

  8. haha i think it's time I cheated on my collection concealer and branched out to something else! This sounds great! x


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