Rediscovering Baby Lips

You know when you are head over heels over something for like a week and then you just forget about it. That was me with baby lips, the hype when they came out swept me up, and I got them all. The something new and I just forgot about them. But as the weather is getting brighter I have found my self reaching for baby lips in Pink Punch!

A lot of people talk about how they have dry lips in winter, well I have dry lips all year long... yep gross. The problem with me is I am not so into lip balms, I think they are way too sticky and way too heavy on lips to be comfortable. That is why I love these, they are so easy to pop on, give your lips a pop of colour as a bonus. They aren't heavy but they are super moisturising, and last for so long!

I know that baby lips have had they're huge hype, but I think it is good to reuse old stuff that you have in your collection. Thats why you bought it after all!

Have you got any beauty products that you should show some more love?

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