Room Inspo: Desk Space

I dread to think how much time we all spend at out desks, thank goodness you can move laptops or I don't think I would ever leave! I think the places you spend the most time in you should put the most care into and make it a place you enjoy. Here I are a few desks that I am in love with at the moment. 

With a desk I think it should be 3 things: Comfortable, Calming and Organised. To achieve this I think choosing a neutral calming colour is the perfect way to make sure your are not too over faced, I mean no one wants to work in a neon orange room, stick to pastels and limited colours, you don't need a rainbow desk! Organisation is key, draws for things, folders, binders, pots for pen, post stick notes are all perfect in doing this and so easy to get a hold of! Organised desk, organised mind, organised life. Phew!

Hope you enjoyed this little post!

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