Saturday, 17 May 2014

teapigs Peppermint Tea + Giveaway

I like to think of myself as a tea connoisseur, especially when it comes to peppermint tea, my favourite. So when teapigs sent me some I was naturally over the moon! From the packaging to the tea its self it is the yummiest and loveliest cup of tea.

pig mug not necessary but advised

Once you open the brown cardboard packaging the smell of peppermint instantly hits you, it lingers in your cupboard, which is perfect for a peppermint lover like me. This highlights how fresh and amazing quality the peppermint is! teapigs pride them selves on having fresh and whole leaves in their tea, and boy does that make a difference. Never again will I buy supermarket tea, the taste is so refreshing, perfect for this weather we are having, it almost tastes like you're eating a minty sweet, when your drinking this - YUM!

So why do I love peppermint tea so much? Easy, its two main benefits are to stop stress and sooth your stomach. I have benefited hugely drinking this tea, I am a bit of a worrier (understatement), and because of that I don't sleep and get tummy aches. I'm not one for as soon as I don't feel well to run for the medicine cabinet, I'd much rather run for the peppermint tea.  It helps you to relax, helping you to sleep and calms those tummy aches by calming the spasm causing the ache, all this without putting medicine chemicals into your body.  

This is perfect for this time of year if you have exams coming up, or even if you're just a bit of a worrier like me and trust me I wouldn't try another but teapigs - I have done the research for you! You can find this on the teapigs website here - and whilst your there sign up to their newsletter for 10% off your order and they'll make sure you know about exclusive discounts, competitions, new products, events and news. Hard to say no isn't it! 

Thanks to teapigs I will also be giving one reader a box of the tea!! I will be using rafflecopter to choose a winner:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy and goodluck

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  1. My fave tea has got to be a great British Earl Grey, although I am a huge fan of herbal tea's also!

  2. Oh so yummy! Love a good cuppa! xx

  3. The little pig tea cup is so cute !! My fav tea is peach infused green tea !! Delicious !

  4. Looove these tea bags and peppermint tea in general! Soo good to chill out with :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. My favourite definitely has to be Chamomile, but I do love Peppermint! <3 xx

  6. I've always wanted to try Tea Pigs, but it costs so much to ship to the US. That pig cup is adorable, by the way!

    Check out my tea blog if you love tea!

  7. Danielle Saint19 May 2014 at 11:47

    Peppermint is great so good for you too !!

  8. I love all teas except ginger based ones so that's a tough question. Recently I've been drinking a lot of mint tea so I'll go with that :)

  9. Gillian Holmes22 May 2014 at 13:04

    Liquorice Tea

  10. I love spearmint tea

  11. My favourite is green tea. By the way, I love your piggy mug!

  12. Green Tea with Lemon


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