The Easiest Yummiest Sluttiest brownies in the world

Woah, get a load of the superlatives in that title! Do not panic I am not going to sit here and act like I am a master chef, just the other day I set fire to a pan - so yeah, I cannot cook! But hey I am damn good at mixing packet mixes and slopping them in baking trays! Me and Scott have been making slutty brownies for a year now and never have we cooked something that has been eaten and liked by so many people! 

Slutty Brownies are from The Londoner originally, we have just simplified by using packet mixes - what did people do before Betty Crocker?! Slutty brownies are basically Cookie, Oreos, brownie - yum!!! They merge to create a gooey mess made by angels! (or me and Scott)! 

All you need is: 

We have found double stuffed Oreos work the best! For a little twist, mix chocolate chip and white choc-chip cookie mix - thats my favourite! We normally use: x1 brownie mix, x2 cookie mix and x2 Oreos. You could get away with one Oreo, but you might get hungry during the making process!!! Other than that just a baking tray tin foil and an oven - obviously! 

The method - ha! That is an overstatement, I will tell you in 6 words: Mix, slop, place, mix, slop, bake. 
Basically mix your brownie and cookie mix separately, slop in the cookie mix first, then place oreos in neat lines, slop brown on top and bake for about 20 -25 mins. 

Bit picture heavy, but a picture is worth a 1000 words right? 

And Voila you are done! You will have a perfectly gooey slutty brownie slab! Best served hot, with ice-cream. Best baked with two people, one to bake, the other to stop you from eating all the cookie dough. Needs must! 

Obviously this is a very naughty treat, and I wouldn't advised eating it all at once... from a "friend's" experience you will feel VERRRRY poorly! 

If you have ever made this before or are going to, show me on twitter or leave me a comment below! 


* Photo credit as always by Scott Charlesworth
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