Top Three Bands of May

As well as being very interested in beauty and clothes, I am also very into music. I once saw a photo on tumblr  that said 'all i want in life is to go to concerts and have good eyebrows' which could not be anymore true. I love all kinds of music, honestly. But I most like finding quite small bands and then watching them grow into huge deals. I thought I would share my top three of the moment. 

(Source: Scott Charlesworth

I am hooked on this band. They are the sound of summer, they are so chilled out but there music has so much depth to it, they are summer in a band that is the only way of describing it. They are amazing. I found them by them actually following me on twitter, and thank god they did. My favourite song is Ocean, the lyrics are so catchy and you just find your self smiling when you listen to them. It is like the song was written with your memories, I have go so much love for this band, they have really cheered me up after a bit of a shitty week. I think I will do a more in depth review at some point, but for now you can listen to my favourite song below - fan girl or what. EP is HERE

Scott has been showing me videos of a band called 'Little Grace' for a while now as they used to go his high school way back when, and I've always thought they were good but never listened properly. They recently brought out they're EP and I downloaded it whilst on the train back from Cornwall. I did not regret it, it is such a unique sounds so soulful and got such a catchy rhythm. It is proper chilled out music to listen to in the car or on the train, I have honestly not stopped listening to them whilst revising. They aren't like anything on the market so I can't compare them You will have to listen to them. My favourite song is 'No Missed calls', watch the video below and if you like it (which you will) the link to their EP is - HERE.

This band is a little bit bigger than the other as they are currently supporting Kings of Leon, on their tour and no doubt getting a far few fans from their. With their dream-like melodies and soothing tracks, Local Natives is the perfect band to listen to while studying or relaxing in the bath. Just so soft and calm you kind of just feel mellow listening to them like nothing could pop your bubble. As I have said they are bigger than the other bands so you might recognise their hit "Wide Eyes" from a few CW shows like 90210. Just think your perfect song to sit on the beach with your favourite people with a glass of cloudy lemonade and thats how they sound. Find them HERE 

Hope you enjoyed this music post, if you did let me know and I will keep it going 

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