A Few of my Favourite Things: Autumn

Autumn has come and gone in a whirlwind, literally. The leaves feel far to fast, the pumpkins were sold far to fast and November came far too fast. Time to get your big coats out and stand guard ready for winter. But never the less, I did have a damn good autumn.

Delamere - By Scott Charlesworth Aka Boyfriend photographer extraordinaire  

My favourite thing about Autumn is being outside. Getting wrapped up, big coats, scarfs and boots. Going on a long walk with no destination in mind; just you and the people you love on a hunt for adventure. The satisfaction of hearing the crisp leaves crunch and running through puddles with a pleasing squelch. Dodging the rain showers, holding on to your hat in the gales and not being sure which layer of clothing to take off in that awkward afternoon sun that is neither too hot nor too cold. The Smell of people starting to turn on their chimneys mixing with wet leaves. Dogs getting muddy and horses proudly standing in their winter coats. The marathon rush back into the warmth for a hot chocolate or even a pumpkin spiced Latte, if you're lucky of course. The excuse to snuggle up to your favourite person because your cold, wrapped in a mountain of blankets with rubbish TV on. And not to mention the mandatory 'I braved the cold nap'. My Favourite.  

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