Sunday, 29 March 2015

14 Things to be Happy About

Last week I did a post all about my favourite books of the month, and one was 14,000 things to be happy about, the other day I was driving a long and saw a sausage dog in a bright pink rain coat and it made me the happiest person! So I thought I would share with you 14 things to be happy about. (I mean no one has time to read my 14,000 I am sure)

+ Empty Gyms
+ Matching Underwear
+ Catching 11:11 and making a wish
+ Good makeup days
+ Driving during golden hour
+ A Perfectly made bed
+ Face Masks going hard

+ Nice smelling shampoo
+ Waking up to texts
+ Buying new makeup
+ Favourite song being on the radio
+ Seeing dogs in cars
+ Fresh coat of nail polish
+ Perfect scrambled eggs

Aw quite a lovely list if I do say so myself, I think thinking about little things that put a smile of your face is the best way to get a little bit more happiness and positivity into your life you are lacking.

 Let me know in the comments any of your favourite little things.



  1. I love positive little posts like this xx

    Lucy |

  2. This book is amazing!! Everyone needs one of these in their lives :D

    Alice x AND

  3. So cute! xx

  4. I really love this book the only downside is that it has so much American things that I don't have a clue what they are haha! It's such a lovely pick me up!

    Hannah x

  5. this is super cute i love seeing puppies in cars too favorite things are a great cup of espresso and long afternoons in bookstores. you also can't beat a really amazing evening of self care!!!

    xoxox, naomi

  6. That's a great list! Unique and different:) One of my favourite little things is drinking green tea while daydreaming heheh:p


  7. Great list! I love seeing puppies anywhere, haha. :)


  8. I get so excited whenever I see dogs in cars! The smell of fresh coffee is one of my favourite things ever. x

    Loren | Cloudy Coconut

  9. Awww this is lovely haha dogs in cars - so cute! xxx Following you would love if you'd follow back x

    The perks of being a
    hipster- 20 things you think when planning a wedding!

  10. All of these! Especially good makeup days, empty gyms and waking up to texts! I also love when the sun shines while your lying on your bed reading, perfectly ripe fruit and cuddles.

    Emma x
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  11. Such a beautiful list! I have to say I agree with all of them, but when my face mask harden the joy is like none else xx

    Brooke | brookewrote

  12. A random one is hugs makes me happy! I need to read that book.

    Mafer, Euphoric Wanderlust x


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