An Ode to Avo

I honestly love t when vegetables become trendy, like how even? Who chooses avocado to have its fame?! I am glad it has however as it is currently my go to meal!! Avo is a good fat, yes a good FAT. Fat is good for you in small healthy doses and an Avo shows you how to do that. So I think you should know why it's encouraged (by me) to have avocado for every meal of the day.

1) Get your potassium in you. Most people don't have enough, not having enough leads to heart attacks, blood pressure and kidney failure, which is pretty shit right!? 1 avocado have 14% RDA, which is pretty impressive, they will help to support healthy blood pressure.

2) It will keep you full for longer, if you are trying to slim down for summer and curve your snacking ways, have some avo with your breakfast or lunch and that will stop you snacking till tea time, bye bye binge belly.

3) Avo are a super, like seriously eating these will benefit your hair, skin and eyes. The fats keep your hair and skin nourished, well you are what you eat. Also it has a little vitamin called lutien which can improve your eyes.

4) You will never use butter again. Urm Avo on toast in the, like for real. Forgot your basic condiments the king has returned, with its 20 nutrients, I mean hello best breakfast ever.

5) Avocados help fight ageing AKA they can get rid of all that face history  because they are rich in antioxidants that help boost your immune system, slow ageing process, and encourage a healthy nervous system.

I think I could talk about avocados for days, but seriously they are so good for you and I mean the fact that they are the yummiest makes it even better! Run to Asda now, I won't judge you!

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