Currently Reading: March

So urm has this month even happened, how is it nearly the end of March?! I feel like my feet haven't quite touched the ground this month!! But I have had some time to get some reading in and I have been loving the books.

This month I have had  breakfast book and a bed time book. Yes, I know. But I am trying to get away from my phone as much as possible and replace it with a good book, so instead of tediously scrolling through twitter and seeing the same old tweets, yawn.

So with my breakfast I have been reading 14,000 things to be happy about, it is such a cheerful book. It puts everything in to perspective, how you can find so much happiness in such little things; like 'window shopping in fall' or 'tolerable temperatures' after flicking through you can't help but notice little things that make you happy and sets you up for a lovely day. Aw.

my 'night time' book is one I have had for a while but never fully indulge, like it's a bit brutal. It is called 'Skinny bitch' and I am currently on a 'shit i need to loose weight for summer' hype. This book says its tough love, but it scares the shit out of me, sometimes I close it for a breather. But is written in such a good way that you feel like one of your girlfriend is giving you some heavy advice. The advice is good! I don't listen to it all but most I do, if you want to learn about what is actually going in your gut and scare yourself silly this is the one for you. I also like books that promote eating to loose weight and stress not starving yourself. Perfect Combo.

SO they have been my go too books for this month but I have a stack currently on my bedside that is calling my name I have so many to get through!

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