Monthly Faves: February

February was a crazy month, it has some pretty huge changes, which have turned out to be for the best finally getting on my feet and feeling so happy and positive, cannot wait for for the rest of the year. So taking these photos I have realised that it was a gold/beige month for sure, loving this colour.

I have fallen head first for L'Oreal True Match, I always saw it and was a bit like meh, I love my Smashbox Halo but this has beat it hands down, it has such good staying power and it matches amazingly!!! So glad I gave it a proper go.

I went into Topshop for a lipstick and walked out with 2 tops and a nail polish, the nail polish is so good, it needs a few coats but the colour is lovely and the best for coving chips, the colour is 'Arabesque' I shall deffo be getting more.

I have wanted a Stila palette forever and a day and finally gave in and bought it, I have not worn anything else on my eyes since! It makes me happy seeing it my makeup bag, how sad is that?!

I have a perfume problem I have way to many and don't get the chance to use them all I've had the original Chloe for a while but really started wearing it this month it is so fresh and girly and reminds me that spring is right around the corner.

I have been loving my little car the last month, I love being able to go anywhere and having freedom! My little blue Fiat has served my well since I've been traveling up to uni every week, it has been a god send.

Donuts, Jam Donuts. Two words that make my heart flutter. I have months on donuts and off donuts but this last month donuts have been ON, weight gain has been on also! But hey ho Swings and round abouts.

February I was all about netflix, well I'm all about it 24/7 but thats another story. This month I have loving 'Parks and Recreations', lil Sebastian has my heart! Also I have been obsessed with the Catfish and the Bottlemen live lounge - Watch it here!!!

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