Positive Vibes Only

Happy first day of March. Pinch, punch and all that stuff! So you may or probably not noticed I've not blogged for the whole of February and honestly all together February 2015 kicked me to the curb. I mean honestly things went tits up and honestly didn't want all you lovely readers having to read some half arsed negative shit on my blog! This is a lovely place, I try! I might go into more what happened in blog posts to come. 

It's hard when things get bad to keep a positive mind set, and I'm well aware every one has those days, months and years where you're just not feeling it. I think it really shows when you're blogging as it is pretty much a diary and it's not something I wanted people reading me blog to be able to tell I was in a bad mood because no one needs that ey! EFFYS SPACE IS NOW A POSITIVE VIBE ONLY PLACE. So I hope you are belted in for some lovely positive, pretty content! All girly adjectives aside, I'm honestly going to work my little bum off to make this the best it can be. 

I'm so glad to be back on my little Internet world and so glad to have effy back! I didn't forget about blogging completely and gave my header a little makeover and make some tweaks here and there for a proper welcome back! 

I hope that you will enjoy my post to come and I cannot wait to get back to my blogging business  

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