Take 1 Hour

I have been majorly blog slacking and I hate hate hate it. So today I am scheduling like a mad women to make sure I have new content *most* days! Phew. Being so busy at the moment and just being the biggest stress head ever have forced to create the best chill out hour. Just an hour.

Normally like having long baths and take a whole night to indulge myself in me time. But exam season is upon us and I have a million and 1 things to do so I have made sure I have an hour to myself every night just before bed.

All you need is 5 things:

Soft lighting (yummy candles work best)
A good book ( I am re-reading 'How to be Parisian' again)
A good playlist (currently loving Lauren Elizabeth's 'Whats up dude' playlist)
A good cup of tea (Twinings Dragon fruit one is my current love)
Aeroplane mode.

I feel at the moment like my eyes are constantly locked to my phone or I am constantly texting people and it sucks. There are only so many times you can re-fresh twitter, trust me. Put your playlist on, then aeroplane mode and put your phone where you can't reach it. It is a revelation, who knew you could sit and not have your phone buzzing every 2 minutes. It is the most peaceful place.

Lets face it, without time to ourselves we would go insane, and when life gets so busy an hour to yourself is a god send. This is perfect for a Sunday chill out, hey maybe extend it to a few hours or a few days! I wish.

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