The Gym = Happiness Maker

Never in my nineteen years of life did I think I would be writing this post. I mean it is a bit of a momentous event. I, Eleanor Fearnley, on the 13th of March declare that I love the gym. I mean not puppy love, it's not a phase. This has the promise to be a long term relationship thing. Phew.

So this year, has gone from bad to worse to amazing. I am currently in an amazing  head space and mind set it is lovely, which is down to an amazing support system and grabbing life by the balls and taking control myself, but that is for another post.  One of the things I grabbed was the gym, I was mainly forced by best friend AKA current fitness junkie and honestly can't thank her enough.

Raise your hand if you've ever been going through shit and you got this line 'ooo start running and get endorphins running through you', yep not what you want to hear.  Honestly I used to think this was a pile of rubbish and was very content with my Netflix binging till 2am. But boy o boy endorphins are real. Endorphins are affect receptors in the brain, often reducing the sensation of pain or stress. That's right reduce STRESS. By getting moving you are practically running away from feeling stressed, yep it's amazing. 

I think it is so important to love yourself, and sometimes you look in the mirror and are just a bit meh. I know the feeing, normally you think meh and do meh all. With the gym you think meh and do whatever you can, did the Victoria Secret Models get where they are by sitting on their bums. Nope they go up and moved there bodies until they were happy. It's so simple when you write it down, but is such a hard thing to get a hold of, and us lazy people are hard work. However body confidence is key to you feeling good, so even if it takes a little more moving and a little less chocolate now and then, you will see differences and feel amazing. 

Lastly it is a huge distraction from the world, a space you can go for an hour forget the world a little bit. Go with your friends and have a massive gossip. I go every day (try to) with my bestie and it means I get to spend time with her as well as get the best summer body. Win win. Also the eye candy at gyms isn't the worst I mean come on. 

Hope you are all well and had a fabulous week! 

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