Topshop Lipstick Thoughts

I am on a serious Lipstick hype at the moment, brands are bringing them out left right and centre, and I love it!! I had completely forgot about my love of Topshop Lipsticks until I was clearing my car out and stumbled upon 'pillow talk' an old friend I thought I'd lost many moons ago.

These three are my favourites and very well loved, the packaging isn't the best if you wack it in with the rest of your makeup, but hey ho distressed packaging could be a new thing! These three are a brilliant example of how diverse the colour range is, there are so many pretty colours and unusual too. So there is something for everyone.

Arg! I have been hoarding this one for a good while, I love it hence why all the packing has come off!! It is a deeeeep purple in Depth. I love wearing this when I go out with an all black outfit and being a little bit of a mini goth for the night. I think it is a good way of being sexy without a red lip!

Where the bright orange is my perfect summer colour, I am all about bright purple and orange for my summer lip and this beauty in Infrared matches that bill perfectly, it is very pure orange with very little red tones in there but it is still subtle and wearable.

I currently have Pillow Talk, which is a really pretty blue toned pink, it makes your teeth look whiter and isn't too much of a barbie pink but very subtle this is perfect for spring I think.

The pigmentation is amazing, one swipe and you are done for a good few hours, you do need to top up throughout the day but that isn't a major problem I don't think. My only hang up about them is they cling to every little bit of your lip, so a quick tooth brush exfoliation before you apply is the best to fix that.

Lipstick lipstick lipstick! I do hope you lie the topic because I think I should have a few more posts on recent discoveries, one of which I am so so excited out!

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