'Why The F Is It Still Not Summer' Lipstick

Lets get real, I feel one ray of sun on my skin and thats it, I need! I need it to be summer. I would like a tan and strawberries to be in season, is that too much to ask! I also just got the nicest pair of Forever 21 sunnies and would like to take them for a spin.

To try and get my summer fix, I have been trying to shed my winter makeup and get summer ready, like I've got to say I am getting super tired of berry and red lips. Sorry not sorry.

First things first, this lipbalm, ok! I have never been a big lipbalm girl, like I hate those tins where everyone one and there dog has stuck there finger in it, and the sticks just don't do anything for me, super useless. But I recently got sent this Bee Good in Vanilla and Honey*. Holy crap. Game changer... I have been going through this true at the speed of light, it is so thick but not sticky and it leaves your lips so soft and ready for lipstick. Nothing says it's not summer like chapped lips. Say goodbye to those and hello soft lips.

This my current, 'it's not summer but i'm going to make my lips pretend it is' I got the lipstick on a recent Mac trip, which is becoming more of a hunt for 'Velvet Teddy', still no. Damn you Kylie Jenner. I did my weekly search but came across this one 'Modesty' URM hello dream lipstick. The colour is so pretty, its like a pinky, nudey peach?! Thats a thing. I have a similar one in colour to this called 'Kinda Sexy' which is okay, but matte and so so drying! This is a creamsheen and slides on so well, it's staying power is brill! I mean what can go wrong. I comes up a bit darker in the photos than it is, it is a lovely colour and I will use it so much spring summer!

Let me know any summer lip shades I am missing out on and I will put them on my list! 

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