Why you HAVE to dry brush

Dry brushing AKA the crack of body care. Addictive, beyond belief. You brush your teeth, brows, maybe sometimes your hair... I mean come on no one has time to brush their hair anymore. But you so have time to brush your whole body, trust me.

Your skin is so important, it is really good to you helps keep you safe so help it back. There are a billion and one reasons why this is so good to do but a few are;

Stimulate Your Lymphatic System
+ Exfoliation
+ Increase Circulation
+ Reduce Cellulite
+ Stress Relief - winner winner 

Need I go on really, all you need is a dry brush that are super super cheap in boots and it will last you forever and a day really so investment ey! 

But how do you do it I hear you cry; so simple  

Get naked 
Start brushing. Feet first and then use sweeping motions towards your heart.
Two golden rules: Feet first always and always brush to your heart 
Brush in each area, a few times - Watch out for your sensitive bits 
Hop in the shower to get to dead skin fully off - lil bit gross  

There we have it in a nutshell, the beauty that is dry brushing, it is a serious winner and I don't know how let my skin go long without it. So run and get a brush and start straight away! 

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