Things Your Mother Didn't tell You: Long Distance Relationships

Right, I don't know how to start this, so I was in a long distance relationship for around 2 years, it had some really high points and then some really dark parts. I feel like people always protect others in long distance relationships and don't really understand that is is pretty shit here is some home truths that people won't normally tell you.

+ Facetime doesn't replace being with someone
You can facetime 24/7 but sometimes it just isn't enough. It is unhealthy to be away for months from that person who you put so much into, and this can start to cause distance in the relationship. That is normal, it is okay to stop to see the spark. But if you really love this person you will look past that and look to the future, you you can't see the future it isn't working.

+ Sometimes life just gets in the way
This may sound like the obvious thing but I was honestly so aware of this, if I was ignored for sometime or couldn't be rang for a week, I would be so so pissy. I think that is justified because you love this person and it is natural to want to talk to them. But life gets in the way; Uni, work & social stuff, like you're way too far away to be the MOST important thing. Sometimes you need to put you first.

+ You CAN be bitter
Okay so this might make me seem like a little bit of a bitch but hey, truth time. It is so okay to feel sorry for yourself. I mean come on this is a weird shit situation, and this phrase comes to mind 'why is my person far away and not theres' I FEEL YOU. Yes how is that fair, you didn't chose this, you don't need couples being shoved in your face. Be bitter, but still be better. Rise above it and don't show it, trust me. You will keep your friends closer and your attitude positive.

This is a little bit, I don't know... blunt. But honestly from personal experiance I would have loved someone to come up to me and tell me the truth. Tell me that it can be shit and you dont have to stick with it if you're not happy. 

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