Having An Affair With Berlin

You know you like a place when the first thing you do when you get home is looking for internships and apartments to get back there ASAP. This is Berlin and me, yes I admit I am already a sucker for a European city, but this one was magical. History, good food, and so many Instagram opportunities! Thought I'd give a little photo album of my time there to show you how magical winter Berlin is. Ahhhh.


I went for a whistle-stop weekend tour, Friday to Sunday. Which I thought would be so little time to explore but I was wrong you can get SO much done in a day. I walked around 40,000 steps on the first day which just showed how much walking and exploring you can really do! I stayed in an area called Mitte, which was in the middle of everything, perfect for doing everything Berlin quickly. There are so many lovely spots for breakfast and tea around this area too as well as a few beer halls to indulge in. 

Everything looks like a Wes Anderson film set and you wouldn't be wrong in thinking you were walking through a Grand Hotel Budapest set. The buildings are beautiful and so photogenic. Being so lucky with the weather helped as well as the sun lit everything up perfectly and really got to see the beauty in the Berlin skylines. Would SO recommend going in January, although it was bladdy freezing it was such a lovely time to go and not too busy at all, although just missing this Christmas market which I'm sure would have been more than amaze.

I am not a massive drinker...promise, but this beer hall was the amazing. LEDERHOSEN WAS ON DISPLAY!!! I would describe it as a real indoors boozy Christmas market! All the STEINS please and thank you! Be warned you'll walk into bars and pubs back home and be severely disappointed they're not all singing and dancing beer halls.

 Three things that I would 100% recommend and push you into doing are: 

- East Side Gallery is by far the best thing to do, it's so interesting colourful and photogenic. 
-FIND a photo booth, this might take you 3 days, BUT they're amazing and a good little souvenir. 
- Walk everywhere (within reason!!!), you get to see so much more this way!!! 

hope my little photo album has inspired a weekend city break and if you happen to be going to Berlin... or Paris..... or Barcelona or anywhere away from rainy England, please consider packing me!!!

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