Friday, 24 March 2017

Happily Single

My friends and I could write books to rival the length of the Harry Potter series on the topic of boys and 'love'. However, they would be nowhere near as interesting and frankly a little more bitchy. Recently, I have found myself putting more and more energy into the opposite sex, finding myself surrounded by couples and having the classic self-indulged 'why not me' thoughts. But last night I had a gin induced eureka moment.

Quickly I text all my single gals telling them what I had thought and then thought about how many other girls needed to hear the same. Therefore I am bringing it to the World Wide Web. This post may have to be sponsored by Gordon's Gin but even sober me has woken up feeling so good about these thoughts (and let's face it drunk me and sober me hardly ever have the same morals or thought process). 

News Flash: You don't NEED a boy. Wanting one is fine, but you don't have to have one to have a happy life. Look at all the things in your life that add happiness and how happy you can be alone. Like when you're doing something you love, I bet you're not thinking 'Ow, I really wish I had a boy to do this with' you're probably thinking 'BLADDY HELL THIS IS THE BEST EVER'. You're doing the thing you love because it adds something to your life. So you should focus on what adds happiness to your life. You don't need stress, worry and overthinking to be happy.

Let's get real, how many times have you had to guess what a boy is thinking, wrecked your head going over every possible thing they could be going to do or stop doing. That's not fair, games are meant to stop on the playground, not follow you into your twenties. You're a strong interdependent woman, and you don't need to check when he was last online. 

If he adds stress or overthinking, GUDBYE. You don't need that, you have bigger things that you can fill your head with like the fact the UK is politically in a muddle, rather than the fact that he was on facebook 3 minutes ago but hasn't replied to your text. It'll make you think you're not worth him when in fact you are worth every little bit of him, he just might be a little deluded currently and will kick himself for years to come. 

Look after yourself and put all the effort you'd put into him or the boy genre, into yourself and I promise you'll become the happiest best version of you. 

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