Has growing up with romance films screwed us over?

I am writing this while sat watching the Moulin Rouge, well less watching more sat reciting word for word. I know every scene, every step and every song. This is a film that when I was younger (around 13/14), I would watch regularly... I mean on repeat. Inappropriate, maybe. At the age of 22 watching it and knowing all the worlds got me thinking has the fact I've been surrounded by romance films since a young aged shaped how much love affects me, and how much I get screwed over.

I love love. It's a problem (albeit not a massive one), my friend's joke that it's my addiction. I love all things about it, even if it's not me in it. As Ewan say's in Moulin Rouge 'above all things I believe in love'. Yes as cheesy as it is I think that all these musicals have shaped the way I view love.
I expect it to be all sunshine, roses and endless trips to Paris. Perhaps the odd drama, but always a happy ending. When I have boyfriends that want to go to the pub and only get flowers out of guilt I feel as if perhaps I am doing it wrong. I compare myself to the big loves in the film. FILMS. FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. How wrong is that, but when you're young that's where perceptions come from, and mine has stuck.

I was thinking how screwed I am that I have been blinkered into this world of perfection, drama and happy endings, I mean even Shrek had a happy ending. However, maybe not. So what if films have given me high expectations of love, love one of the best feelings you can grasp, and I feel, why not have high hopes for it. Why settle for anything less, what a sad life that would be when you have to settle for something that you're not 100% up for. Let there be a start, a middle, some drama, some songs and let it be your perfect story.

I may expect a lot from love, I am crazy, I am aware but what I have learnt in the past few years is that, don't expect too much. So what if I want my (future) boyfriend to jump into song every time he see's me, that's the dream and maybe one day someone will...metaphorically of course, perhaps not even better. BUT, romance films have not screwed us over, just raised expectations. Which is always a positive.

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